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Donald, you go to the track menu in the cue sheet editer, there you
will find the option to save tracks to seprit files. Make sure that
the required tracks is selected before doing this.

On 8/28/20, Andy via <meikle.aiden@...> wrote:
Hi Don.

I'm sorry I don't have the answer to your question, but your prompted me to

drop you a wee message.

I wish to purchase the latest professional version for a Windows 10

Any ideas what it may be called so my sighted wife can buy it for me from


Hope you get your question answered. Perhaps in a couple of months, I'll
be asking the same problem.

Very best wishes.


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I am running the latest version of Total Recorder professional on Windows
10, 1909. I am attempting to split a large mp3 file into smaller mp3 files.

I believe I have set the split criteria correctly as a queue sheet has been

generated. Now, however, I am at a loss as to how to save the file into the

individual files on the queue sheet.
Please tell me what I am missing.

Don Roberts

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