Re: Olympus Voice Recorder

Howard Traxler

Yes, in fact, I have a friend who can probably do those kinds of fixes.  As soon as we are more comfortable about going out places again, I'll take it to him and see if he'll take a look.  I just thought someone here might have a quicker idea.  I do appreciate your suggestions.


On 8/27/2020 9:36 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
Hmmmm do you have a friend or someone that knows how to and sorry if I spell this rong soder? with an Sodering iron. Perhaps this person could. Though it's interesting olympus says can't be done. Yeah I understand. I just want the sound quality of all the amesonics to Mell Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Love how the out doors sounds in that film.

On 8/27/2020 9:32 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Thanks Hamit,
I am only looking for a fix for my DM-520.  I'm thinking that the llinkage between the switch handle and the actual switch and become disconnected.  Maybe someone knows about how to reconnect it.  I have checked with Olympus and they say it canno tlonger be fixed and suggest I but a new one.  The cost is $150 or so. I'd rather fix this one if I can.  I don't need a professional recorder and cannot spend that kind of money again.  I guess I'll see what I can find

On 8/27/2020 6:13 PM, Hamit Campos wrote:
Hi Howard. I use to have 1. What do you need help with exactly? Were you hoping to buy 1 off someone? I agree for what it was it's a great little pocket mini me machine. These DM recorders aren't all that expensive. I'd go DM 620 at most if I were you. Sure there's a new DM 720 and along with it from the LS line the P4 is all the rave with the blind too. But for me you'll have to deside what's best for Howard but for me Hamiht they're too mini me sounding but meh since I want something like Neal's good old Sound-Devices 744-T $4000 recorder then perhaps our little friend here is too mini me for me now. In the case of my DM-520 some of the buttons stopped working. Oh but why DM-620? Welll if you did use the podcast folder and I did you will loose it with the 720. Thus the thing may not remember where files left off. Just my 2 sence my friend. Hopefully someone else can be of more help. Look on Amazon and see though. Because by now Olympus has discontinued this thing.

On 8/27/2020 5:34 PM, Howard Traxler wrote:
Does anyone else have this DM-520 voice recorder (or one like it)? On mine, the on/off and lock slide switch has broken.  It does not klick into the lock position; nor does the spring return it to a resting position.  I'm wondering if there's a fix for this or is the only fix to purchase a new one.  This one is about ten years old, but it's been a great recorder for many events.

Thanks, anyone.


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