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Hamit Campos

Ah you also hav Neal's old podcasts if you saved them. Particular ones I recommend are Neal's Zoom H4N review, Neal's LS-100 review and well of course the review of the 744-T itself. But with the H4N podcast and Olympus LS-100 podcasts he uses the Rode NT1-A mic. Bro that mic's epic. As for the F6 controlls I'm just saying what Curtis said. So I guess you are the second person now to back this up. Again I'd have to get my big brother Roger to take me to B&H Photo Video to get a feel of the thing. Man I wish someone else near Danbury CT or in Danbury CT had 1 to feel it up and stuff before buying it. As for menus meh I just ask Abby to set them. Same for the nobs just do to the fact that I would like them balanced so I have her put them on 5 or 5 and a half. Sometimes 6. I don't know if the F nobs are numbered but for those of you with the H6 if you do have a sighted spouce neighbor or if you can use Aira remember the nobs on the H6 and perhaps even the H5 1s for those that have that remember they are numbered 1 threw 10. Then there are between points too.

On 8/27/2020 5:30 PM, Dane Trethowan wrote:
I still have my trusty Zoom H6 recorder, I did plan on ridding myself of it but now? Well to be honest I'm keeping it for the convenience factor, just connect your devices, turn on the recorder and record.
Yes, setting the dials takes a few seconds but at least that can be done.
You're right about the controls on the Zoom F6, they can be a bit difficult to manage if you have big fingers and I don't like the way the mixer controls are laid out, no arrows or any way to mark the position where they're set but still the F6 is a damn nice recorder despite the drawbacks of the control panel and even though the recorder lacks some of the connectivity options available on my H6 and F8N recorders.
As for Sound Devic es recorders? I haven't been fortunate enough to use one of those so I take the words from someone who has, that being Kertis Judd in the reviews he's posted on Youtube who says, "If you have a Zoom Recorder, you're happy with the recorder and you're thinking of upgrading to a Sound Devices recorder then don't bother. If you have a Sound Devices recorder, you're happy with it thus far and you're thinking of upgrading to a Zoom recorder then don't bother" <smile>.

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Ah bro I would go for the F8N had I the dough. Yes I'm hearing a lot of nay saying about the F6 mainly menus and Curtis Jud being the only 1 for the next thing buttons and nobs being too mashed together. Dain Jarry you guys conferm. I don't know how big Curtis is hands wise compaired to me so I'd take his word for the nob thing as I've not felt up the F6 even. Actually Andy Neal did go for the F4. This came out either with or before the origenal F8. I'm not sure of the history. I was asking on here if I should jump on it. There are reasons why I want the F6 but over all I just want that almost Sound-Devices sound quality. Ah I too need to replace my PC tower. So can't jump on the F6 and depending on recommendations were it not for this I could also have jumped on Neal's
F4 instead. Anyways I digress. I'm glad you're better and always ready to help as I too have the 8022. I have a table stand for mine. Just don't know what brand it is. But yeah there's lots of nay saying about the F6. Everyone agrees on the PCM 192 KHZ sample rate 32 bits floating point bit depth though. That being the key for most of the ones buying it. Including myself. But also I want it for the size and the fact that onlike with the H6 you could pontencially be hands free but for the 8022 because you apparently you can clip it to your belt. Jarry do you have an H6? I think Dain did. How does the F6 compair in size to it? It must some how be some what smaller if you can hook it to your belt. But yes Andy I'm surprised Neal didn't go for the F8N.

On 8/27/2020 3:34 AM, Andy via wrote:
Hi again Hamit.

Sorry I've not been in touch recently, but with the lock down and my
poor health, things were looking pretty grim for a while.

So I've bounced back.

Hamit, I'm not getting any opportunities for recording, either indoors
or outdoors as a consequents of all these closures.

Just to remind you I've a pair of at 8022's for that Stereo spread you
were referring to, a few months ago. Still need a pir of good
table-top stands to hold them.

I'm hoping to use this configuration on both my h6 and f8n.

As they require Phantom power, I need to travel into glasgow to buy an
external power adaptor along with a couple of "Erose" adaptors, so I
can power both machines. I think I need to get this set up for 12 to
18 amps.

But I'm hoping to get some help with setting everything up from my
Sound Engineer friend who works at BBC Radio Scotland at Pacific Quay.
These microphones are for recording Local pub bands, choirs as well as
small travelling opera groups.

Regarding the at 2022, Now that's completely different. Absolutely
no Phantom needed at all. This is more or less a Binaural system for
recording podcasts of walk about's in Glasgow, recording street
buskers or most definitely bird calls.

It's taking me a while to get to this level of planning and it's
looking very likely that I'll probably not be in a position to record
a band, quire or podcast till after Christmas.

I'm just happy to continue buying all the equipment necessary. I've
also got 2 new computers so I'm having a good old clean out for winter.

Yes Hamit I'd love to hear my 2 configurations on a few recorders.
Sure the F6 must figure. But you know, I do't know how I feel about
this recorder now. I'm only hearing very negative comments concerning
them. Nothing like that what we heard which came along with the
Zoom H6 or Zoom F8n.

I really wish that both you and Neal would have gone for the Zoom F8n.

God! With neal doing his usual podcast introducing the device a long
with a tactile map and your superior understanding of how the menue
systems are laid out and navigating and making appropriate changes
within, then I'd be indeed, a happy rabbit. with all that support.

Very best wishes, Andy.

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Hi Andy. It's Hamiht. You could to a certain extent get the quality
Jarry did. Via the F8N. Now that's just the recorder. I'll be real
with you my friend I've not heard the AT-8022 with an F recorder let
alone a true pro recorder Like Neal's trusty old Sound-Devices 744-T.
Man how I'd love 1 of those things. A kind reminder too my friend.
You're confusing the 2022 with the 8022. The 2022 is the 1 that yes
if you want to use the quarter intch jacks into the middle of the XLR
quarter jacks of the H6 absolutely make sure phantom is off. The 8022
on the contrary I wana jently kindly remind you my friend can take
and does take phantom as it has XLRs. This is how I use it to get
it's full potential. If you ever do try the 8022 on the F8N send me a
demo please. I'd love to know how it sounds on an F recorder.

On 8/26/2020 5:29 PM, Andy via wrote:
Hi Craig.

I downloaded your recording, just before the subject line was
hi-jacked with professional sound engineer's.

Now. Let's get back to basics.

I'm interested, very much in Recording bird call, here in the west
Coast area of Scotland.

I have a lot:

Zoom H6.
Zoom F8n.
2 At 8022's
and 1 AT 2022.

Now, I've all the tools, but little skill.

I want to record the best I can achieve, as you do Craig.
So out of my options above, I believe for a simple Dawn Chorus,
you'd advise . My Zoom H6 and At 2022.

Let's consider the ZoomF8n later.

So I'm going to give this a go as soon as I can make sure that
Phantom power is completely turned off on the H6. I down't want to
burn this mick out.

Now regarding your recordings.

I'm not going to blow smoke in your ears my friend.

This is my honest opinion.

The quality of the recordings of crows was extemely high. I cannot
get anywhere near this quality.

Now Consider this.

You said so, in your rural comunity, you simply cannot record
absolute silence.

So although your recordings are extremely good, all the ground and
background sound destroys it's value.

Now consider me.

I live in a small village called Kilcreggan. The village is on the
Roseneith Peninsular on the west coast of scotland.

My recording station is looking straight out the Clyde Estury to the
Irish sea and Atlantic.

To my Left is Greenock and Gouroch. Then the channel then to my
right, Dunoon.

I'm 500 ft above the world and it's, on occasion, total silence,
like the movie gravity. .

When there is a thunder or lightening storm, this is where you find
me, going insane with pleasure.

Now regarding bird call. I'm luck because my wife and I own a small
farm of over 1000 trees and more birds than anywhere on the peninsular.

Hense this equipment.

I simply know that you would not challeng me, for there are
opertunities all around me with various challenges such as Wind noise.

I really do wish that with digital recording now taking off that
somethin like Blind Cool Tech could not be started up again. to
gather all of our podcasts and make them available for list members.

What do you think?

Very best wishes.


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It's a 22-inch in diameter Wildtronics amplified parabolic system.

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I am sorry, but I missed the beginning of this thread. Which
microphone system is being used, and how large is it? Thank you.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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I have not yet made any practical use of all three mics at the same
time, but it's fun having the focused recording along with the
stereo recording, just in case I want it.

Here's a series of recordings of crows in my back yard, recorded
with the F6 and Parabola stereo mics. I used Reaper to string the
recordings together, and they get successively louder toward the
end, due to my inexperience with Reaper.




All of the rest were recorded on an Olympus LS14 and my parabolic
They were all recorded in Tennessee. I rarely get the chance to
make exciting recordings, because I live in a fairly urban area
near Boston.

Here's a link to a recording I made early on a spring morning at
Seven Islands state park:




Here's what sounds like a conversation between two Carolina wrens




And here is a mono recording from the parabola of a Chuck Will's
There's a lot of noise from a nearby stream, and I could not even
hear the bird with my naked ears. I just havppened to be slowly
swinging the parabola around while listening with headphones, and
all of a sudden I heard it and homed in on it.




Jerry Berrier




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