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Hi Dain.

I'm actually thinking of getting a new Macbook Pro..

Believe it or not but I'm currently saving £520 a month ever since I gave up smoking. Very bad and expensive habit here in Scotland.

So please provide me with as many details as possible about your new computer with size, ports size, model number and price and a podcast or 2 from Apple would not do any harm also.

Thanks for this Andy.

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I managed to purchase one of these brilliant machines though I will warn people before they start thinking about a 16-Inch MacBook Pro, you’ll need a lot of money in your piggy bank so it will take you a while to reach your goal but patience is indeed a virtu <smile>
I won’t go on about every thing this machine has to offer but I should make mention of the excellent quality of the machines internal speaker system which is without a doubt the best I’ve ever heard on a Notebook computer.
The speakers are either side of the keyboard, both facing up and with ports facing down so sound comes from 2 sides of the machine, from the top and the bottom.
If you are going to use one of these machines then I would seriously consider getting some sort of Thunderbolt dock to make life that little bit easier when connecting devices rather than carrying around a swag of USB-C to whatever adapters you may require.
I use a Caldigit TB3 Plus dock here which - along with a great collection of USB-A/C, and HDMI ports has a spattering of audio ports including 3.5MM audio in/out sockets along with a digital audio optical output which is damn useful.

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