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Hi Andy, this is Jerry.
Yes, I think a place for podcasts is a great idea.
There used to be one called One-minute Vacation, that I just loved. People
would send in brief recordings of places they had been. Some of the
recordings were really fascinating. Once in a while I dream about starting
something like that.

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Hi Craig.

I downloaded your recording, just before the subject line was hi-jacked with
professional sound engineer's.

Now. Let's get back to basics.

I'm interested, very much in Recording bird call, here in the west Coast
area of Scotland.

I have a lot:

Zoom H6.
Zoom F8n.
2 At 8022's
and 1 AT 2022.

Now, I've all the tools, but little skill.

I want to record the best I can achieve, as you do Craig.
So out of my options above, I believe for a simple Dawn Chorus, you'd advise
. My Zoom H6 and At 2022.

Let's consider the ZoomF8n later.

So I'm going to give this a go as soon as I can make sure that Phantom power
is completely turned off on the H6. I down't want to burn this mick out.

Now regarding your recordings.

I'm not going to blow smoke in your ears my friend.

This is my honest opinion.

The quality of the recordings of crows was extemely high. I cannot get
anywhere near this quality.

Now Consider this.

You said so, in your rural comunity, you simply cannot record absolute

So although your recordings are extremely good, all the ground and
background sound destroys it's value.

Now consider me.

I live in a small village called Kilcreggan. The village is on the
Roseneith Peninsular on the west coast of scotland.

My recording station is looking straight out the Clyde Estury to the Irish
sea and Atlantic.

To my Left is Greenock and Gouroch. Then the channel then to my right,

I'm 500 ft above the world and it's, on occasion, total silence, like the
movie gravity. .

When there is a thunder or lightening storm, this is where you find me,
going insane with pleasure.

Now regarding bird call. I'm luck because my wife and I own a small farm of

over 1000 trees and more birds than anywhere on the peninsular.

Hense this equipment.

I simply know that you would not challeng me, for there are opertunities all

around me with various challenges such as Wind noise.

I really do wish that with digital recording now taking off that somethin
like Blind Cool Tech could not be started up again. to gather all of our
podcasts and make them available for list members.

What do you think?

Very best wishes.


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It's a 22-inch in diameter Wildtronics amplified parabolic system.

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I am sorry, but I missed the beginning of this thread. Which microphone
system is being used, and how large is it? Thank you.

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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I have not yet made any practical use of all three mics at the same time,
but it's fun having the focused recording along with the stereo recording,
just in case I want it.

Here's a series of recordings of crows in my back yard, recorded with the
and Parabola stereo mics. I used Reaper to string the recordings together,
and they get successively louder toward the end, due to my inexperience

All of the rest were recorded on an Olympus LS14 and my parabolic system.
They were all recorded in Tennessee. I rarely get the chance to make
exciting recordings, because I live in a fairly urban area near Boston.

Here's a link to a recording I made early on a spring morning at Seven
Islands state park:;data=02%7C01%7C%7C44

Here's what sounds like a conversation between two Carolina wrens;data=02%7C0

And here is a mono recording from the parabola of a Chuck Will's Widow.
There's a lot of noise from a nearby stream, and I could not even hear the
bird with my naked ears. I just havppened to be slowly swinging the
parabola around while listening with headphones, and all of a sudden I
it and homed in on it.;data=02%7C01%7C%7C44f43a2

Jerry Berrier


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