Re: Zoom H6 thanks for the recommendation

Christopher Wright

Please share more about it's accessibility.

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Subject: [all-audio] Zoom H6 thanks for the recommendation

Thanks to the list member who recommended the Zoom H6 recorder, I’ve had mine for a month and to say I’m pleased with this recorder is indeed an understatement.
The Zoom H6 is the best field recorder I’ve ever owned for so many reasons which include usability.
The ability to record 6 tracks at once right out of the box is a plus as none of the recorders I have will do that.
The sound from the supplied microphone capsules has to be heard to be believed as it sounds so much better than most other supplied microphones for field recorders you’re likely to hear.
All of the functions I use are accessible without the help of the menu system though I do plan to write a menu shortcuts document for the recorder though its the usual thing of finding time.

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