the new Zoom H8

Hamit Campos

Yo just looked up the H8. Dude that thing sounds so cool. I especially like that there's going to be a peace with an ambeo mic to it. These mics have 4 capsels in them and they capture in a unique way that creates a quadro surround sound recording. Look up the Rode NT-SF1 mic. you'll see what this means. There's a Zenhiser 1 and sorry if I spelt that name wrong. There's also 1 I think it's called the tetro mic tetro refuring to how the capsels are mounted this 1 is cheeper then the other 2. Yeah the touch screen is for the 3 work flows it has built in to it. Also to activate the soundpads for your podcast. It's $399 like the H6 as well. Oh and  their new XY capsel for it is called the XA8. Why X A? Because they can be either XY or AB like the LS-14 or 100 mics. Yip yip yip yip yip yahoo! I had suggested the AB thing to them.

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