A Few Recordings with my Parabolic System

Jerry Berrier <jlblists@...>

I have not yet made any practical use of all three mics at the same time,
but it's fun having the focused recording along with the stereo recording,
just in case I want it.

Here's a series of recordings of crows in my back yard, recorded with the F6
and Parabola stereo mics. I used Reaper to string the recordings together,
and they get successively louder toward the end, due to my inexperience with


All of the rest were recorded on an Olympus LS14 and my parabolic system.
They were all recorded in Tennessee. I rarely get the chance to make
exciting recordings, because I live in a fairly urban area near Boston.

Here's a link to a recording I made early on a spring morning at Seven
Islands state park:


Here's what sounds like a conversation between two Carolina wrens


And here is a mono recording from the parabola of a Chuck Will's Widow.
There's a lot of noise from a nearby stream, and I could not even hear the
bird with my naked ears. I just havppened to be slowly swinging the
parabola around while listening with headphones, and all of a sudden I heard
it and homed in on it.


Jerry Berrier



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