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A couple of notes on HD Radio and these come from discussions with friends of mine who use HD Radio and are not from first-hand experience since we don’t use that system out here in Australia.
I am told that there are no AM HD signals broadcasting now in Southern California and that’s a huge shame so the only HD option available to listeners now is through FM, what an utter and complete waste of money and time on behalf of radio stations and authorities.
An interesting note, this topic was one of the last discussed when I was actively on the list what.. 9 months ago? The more things change the more they stay the same <smile>.

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The Marc 3 and the Sangean HDr14 and the HDR-16 radios can be found on The radios are battery opporated and come with power adapters too! The Marc 3 costs about $50.00, and the Sangean radios are around $100.00 or so!

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From: Merv Keck
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Subject: [all-audio] accessible portable HD Radio

I thought everyone in the United States at least had pretty much moved to Online radio but someone I need to buy a gift for has her heart set on an HD or super duper whammer jammer radio of some sort. As long as it is portable as in battery operated and gets A M and FM and maybe has a few other bells and whistles like HD or I don't care what else as long as it is accessible for a totally blind individual. I also don't mind paying for quality which is why I'm asking on this list as usually good quality items are only discussed on this group.
Thanks in advance.

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