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Tom Kaufman

MERV: The radio I have is the Sangean PRD-17. This radio is an AM/FM
portable radio that a blind/visually impaired person can operate very
successfully. Note: this radio DOES NOT have HD! So if the person you are
going to get a radio for wants a radio with HD capabilities, then you won't
want this one! But it's not a bad radio; a blind person can access just
about all of the functions that a sighted person would access! I don't know
what these radios sell for now; would depend on where you get it from!
Hopefully this has been helpful!
Tom Kaufman

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Subject: [all-audio] accessible portable HD Radio

I thought everyone in the United States at least had pretty much moved to
Online radio but someone I need to buy a gift for has her heart set on an HD
or super duper whammer jammer radio of some sort. As long as it is portable
as in battery operated and gets A M and FM and maybe has a few other bells
and whistles like HD or I don't care what else as long as it is accessible
for a totally blind individual. I also don't mind paying for quality which
is why I'm asking on this list as usually good quality items are only
discussed on this group.
Thanks in advance.

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