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Hamit Campos

What audio are you recording? if it's that like me you wana for grins and giggles listen to your favorite chapters of your Blu-Ray collection you may just as well try Any DVD HD to unlock said disk or disks and DVD Audio Extractor to extract said chaptors. Because no no sound card comess with HDMI in as far as I know. That's a video capture card. What are you recording from and what kind of sound card are you using? Because I just gave you the meh just do this and get out of the situation answer. But now to the hard answer to answer the question for future refrence. If you are recording from an AVR and it has it you could SPDIF from that sucker into your PC and bam digital audio. But yes just do the DVD Audio Extractor thing. Easyer, you'll get the full 5.1 or 7.1 if you wish, and no added flavor from the soundcard or AVR or TV or what ever.

On 8/5/2020 5:59 AM, Darran Ross via wrote:
Hi List.

I need to connect an HDMI source to my soundcard, but my soundcard doesn't come with an HDMI in option.

Can anyone suggest what kind of gadget I need to purchase to make this possible?

I want to record audio, just in case that's in any way relevant.

Many thanks for any and all replies.


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