Maybe for this group or if not...where

Morey Worthington

Evening all.

This is a audio related  question, but has to do with a certain radio station and a  wireless cell phone.

I live North of Chicago Il.  and listen to a ceertain powerful all news station on AM (WBBM 780). We have a phone answering system with 3 wireless headsets.

If If I am listening to the Chicago station and the phone starts ringing, usually for the wife, a loud whisteling noise happens and stays there till the call is finished. This only happens on this one station . I have tried unplugging radio, the phone system, but no change. If I change the radio station to another, all is well. I have tried moving the direction of radio, it is a digital one, with nothing any different.

I am really sorry to ask this group about my issue, but it is audio related. If not for this group, can someone , maybe, give me direction on where to turn??


Morey Worthington

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