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Hamit Campos

Hi Andy and Gena. Just to clarify a few things. Andy the 4022 is a completely different mike from the 2 we're discussing here. I'm sure you ment 2022 and typed 4 by axident. But the 4022 is the omni brother of the 4021 which is what the 8022 is based on. Now to the subject at hand. Yes the 2022 is battery operated only thus phantum indeed could damage it. As for the AT-8022 it came with a double A I'm sure Andy. You don't necessarily need phantom for the 8022 if you didn't want it. Sure if you are using it with XLRs it's best to do so to get the full beniphat of the mic. But also this mic comes with a mini XLR to 3.5 jack cable. This Andy is so you could use it with the DS-50 or something like that. But it is mainly for using the 8022 with a camera. You can mount the 8022 on a DSLR camera. As you can the H6. There ya go just wanted to clear things up. Andy just sent you a seperate message on how to turn phantom on and how to link the tracks. Note the XLRs that go into the H6 are different collors. Have your wife figure out which collor is which channal. I forget right now. I will say this though left goes towards the front of the H6 meaning in the XLR near where you snap on the snap off mics and in this case the right goes into the XLR near the menu levor. Just so as you know same applys to the left XLRs. Track 1 left channal is the XLR near the opening for the snap offs and the XLR near in that case to the card reader is Track 2 or right channal. I'd really love to hear the 8022 on the F8N though to see what it sounds like on truely pro gear.

On 7/30/2020 8:58 AM, Andy via wrote:
Hi again Gena.

Yes Gena.

I've bought a pair of at 8022's and an AT 2022.

Incidentally, a Youtube demo warns that never should the AT2022 be plugged into an XLr with Phantom turned on or the mic will be killed.  The 2022 has it's own power in the form of a 1.5 Duracell battery.

The AT 8022 does require Phantom so these XLR's should be supplied with power., but how much power?

Very best wishes.


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Hello Andy,

Yes, they are indeed condenser mics so need power. Did you say you got new ones?


On 30 Jul 2020, at 10:32, Andy via <meikle.aiden@...> wrote:

Hi Hamit and all.

Just a couple of questions guys regarding the at 8022 and  the at 4022.

I've taken Hamit's advice regarding his view that 2 at8022's placed  apart in an x y form will give me a broader stereo field rather then 1 microphone.

I decided this because when recording my local  7 piece  band the sound source is quite wide.

So I've a lovely new pair of these.

Now am I correct in thinking that these mics require Phantom power?

If so, dealing with the H6 first, I could allocate channels and 4 for these micks and turn Phantom power on?

In terms of channels 1 and 2, I turn Phantom power off completely as I'm intending to allocate these channels to my new at 2022, which should arrive next week

These will satisfy  my Dawn Chorus birdcall recordings.

I need to set up the H6, not even going near the F8N until I've sorted out the H6.

Any advice would be very helpful.

As my sighted wife will be following your suggestions, it would be nice for an idiots guide because she has absolutely no interest in recording.

Hoping everyone is fine and looking after themselves.

Very best wishes.


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