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hi i have some albums what r all in flac format
the problem is that each album is one long track
if there a piece os software that can split the tracks.
also i have some flac tracks that need trimming at the beginning,
what is the best way of doing this.
from stewart

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You need to install a lame.dll encoder to accomplish this (steps and links below).

GoldWave Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I save files in MP3 format?
To save and create MP3 files the LAME MP3 Encoder must be installed. Recent versions of GoldWave include the encoder. Some older versions download it automatically
if you have an active Internet connection when you save the first MP3 file However due to a change in the the web server, older versions of GoldWave may not be able to download the encoder automatically.

To manually install LAME:
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1. Download the LAME_ENC.DLL encoder
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◦ 32 bit version:

◦ 64 bit version:

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2. Copy the LAME_ENC.DLL file into your GoldWave folder. If you downloaded the 64 bit version, rename the file from LAME_ENC64.DLL to LAME_ENC.DLL.
3. Now when you try to save a file as MP3 in GoldWave, use the Browse button instead of the Download button on the Encoder Download window to specify the
folder where the LAME_ENC.DLL file is located.

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Subject: [all-audio] Converting an AVI file with GoldWave to mp3

Hello Listers,

How do I convert an AVI file to mp3 using GoldWave? Running windows 10 1909 latest jaws.





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