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i have a reel to reel tape machine
revox a77,
it was the machine that wased to make the documentry
called the radio forts.

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So what is a good tapedeck that has these below features?
If i had the money i would try to find a revox b710 which has balanced jacks and other features.
But its one of the best studio decks you can get so it would blow my economy.

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I would agree with the below.
as whilst yes there are tape machines with USB connections, from those I have seen, the actual decks do tend to be of rather poor quality.


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hi there if u want to transfer your tapes on to your pc
i would invest if u can in a good quality tape machine
that has controls for alining the play and record heads,
as different tapes r recorded with different head positions.
if your soundcard has a 3.5 jack socket,
then plug a mixer in to the line in socket,
and plug your tape machine in to one of your faiders,/line ins on the mixer.
hope this helps.
from stewart

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Is there such thing as a tape deck that can be connected to a computer through USB?


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