Re: Line-in Jack on Zoom F6?

Hamit Campos

Hi Jerry and Andy. Well let’s be clear which recorder we’re talking about here. Jerry Andy is talking about the XY H6 snap off front with 2 mic capsels setup in XY. But if you ordered an F6 forget it. It’s all XLR there friend. The F6 doesn’t even have the empty part to snap on things like the XY H6. Oh yeah there’s no quarter intch jacks either.

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Wow, I have no idea what the clip in microphone XY, Is.
Is that an adapter you order to use with the F6?
I have not yet received my F6, but from what I've read so far, it seems that
it does not have a line-in jack.

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Hi Gerry.

If you have the clip in microphone XY, you will see a little socket for a
line in plug and you can control the volume coming in with the knob on the
Plug in.

This will not supply Phantom Power however, so you'd need a very small
external power pack just for the line in power, Not much about a pp9

But my H6 and my F8N have the facility for making all of my XLR connections
- XLR or Line in.

, but you will need an XLR adaptor to cope with the line in connection.

If it's only one line in channel you can simply put up with the small power
demand or plug your H6 into a wall socket.

These are only my basic thoughts so I'd highly recommend that you speak
with Gena or Hamit.


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Hi Can somebody tell me if there's a 3.5mm line-in jack on the Zoom F6?

The Mosen at large podcast from Gary mentioned a line-out, but not a
line-in. I'm hoping he had it backward.


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