Barry Chapman

Hi Howard,

1. Launch CDEX.
2. Press F4 and arrow down to Remote freedb.
3. Tab to the Remote Server Combo box and make sure the http 80 (freedb, Random freedb server) is selected.
4. Tab to Your E-mail address edit box and enter an email address. It doesn't need to be your real address. Something like bill@... will do.
5. Tab to OK and press enter.

I just tried it and it works for me.

Barry Chapman

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How can I get CDex to get titles? One of the choices on the CDDB menu
is Winammp DB but it's not available. Maybe there's a setting in Winamp
that would make it available?

On 6/7/2020 6:07 PM, JM Casey wrote:
All that stuff: Where the files go, how they're named, etc -- is
configurable within Cdex and always has been.

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Hi Barry.

I whent into my programe files and found it sitting there. I entered on it
and there was all the files correctly titled in WAV format.

My old copy of CDEX was years ago, so now this bata version also titles
eeach track so that's magic.

I'm going to mess about more with it tomorrow because what's the use of CD's

Very best wishes.


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Hi Andy,

If you heard them converting then you don't need to press anything else.

By default, I think the files are placed in the CDEX folder in Program
Files. To find out where, when in CDEX, press F4. Arrow up or down to
Directories & files and tab 3 times. You should hear the directory where
files are. This can be changed.

If the titles are 01-AudioTrack 01.mp3 etc, then you need to configure
to look up the titles database. Of course, it might not have that

Barry Chapman

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Hi all.

I've recently purchased from Amazon the last and final album from Mr
Cohen, who has recently passed away.

I wish to keep this CD in the best of nick, though wish to listen to it on
my Win10 computer.

I've download a programme called CDEX and tried to convert the CD into Wav
or MP3 files.

I knew that when loaded I'd simply have to press F9.

I heard JAWS announce each track being converted.

Now whet?

I've looked inMy Documents and also My Music but there is nothing new in
of these.

I think I need to press a second button, perhaps F8, F9 10 or 11.

Can anyone please remind me just how to go through the steps of converting

Very best wishes.


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