Re: Zoom F6 fans I have a question

Hamit Campos

Hi Gena. Please shair the link to see. As far as I know there's only 1 F6. But then again who knows. I saw something similar with the H6. I looked for it again just to see whom the target buyer was and now I find an all new Black H6. But mom tells me mine is black. So I don't get this new all black H6. We'd have to ask Zoom. Ah so gelous if you get 1. lol I'd love an F6. For the sound quality. Again not nocking the H6. I love mine. But the F recorders sound or seem to sound that much closer to the Sound Devices recorders. As to Neal and him demoing his F6 he said he would. So it's in the wings I guess. Maybe that's what he's working on.

On 6/7/2020 1:33 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello All,

I just looked on Amazon for the zoom F6. Glad to see they are in stock. But there seems to be 2 versions. Is there 2 versions i.e. one that supports 32 float bit recording and one that doesn’t?

Thank you.


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