Re: Major problems when attempting to record a stream

Colin Howard


here is the message I sent to the group yesterday, to which, Donald, you
neither replied nor acknowledge on list or privately to me.

Subject: Re: [all-audio] Major problems when attempting to record a stream
From: "Colin Howard" <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2020 08:33:46 +0100


I am surprised in TR you are using the stereo mix, I do not for live
streams, I capture the sound off the stream by using background recording.

Then, again, what live streams are you taking?

I can supply you with direct links for all the BBC streams plus a few others
such as The Ride Radio Etc.

Do you know how to use TR's background recording function?

I use it extensively and can take about five streams on the same machine
together and none interfere with each other, maybe I could have more, think
this is rather dependent on my broadband capabilities.

I can have them all set to background mode, meaning I don't hear the
streams, I can go into any and play as it records, stopping play leaves play
at the stop point and resuming picks up. You can wind back or forward but
when you meet the point of recording, play goes back to the start.

If you want more info, please come back privately to me at:

I've been using TR now for about ten or maybe even more years, my current
version is V8.3Pro, I do have V8.6Pro but being happy with the older one,
not installed it yet. I use TR on my old WXP laptop and my W7 desktop.

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 20:01:51 -0700, "Donald Roberts"
<> wrote:

-I have two PCs, each of which is running Windows 10 version 1909.  The
-HP has the problem, the Dell does not.  I usually use Window-eyes 
-9.5.4,  but use Jaws 18 when W E encounters an issue, though I am
-confident this is not relevant to my current issue.
-There are times when I wish to record a stream from the internet. So I
-fire up Total Recorder and set the source selection to stereo mix,
-having first gone into the sound card settings to make sure that stereo
-mix is selected.  But when I attempt to record, the sound is recorded
-but plays back at an extremely accelerated rate of speed.  Yes, I know
-that Total Recorder has a speed adjustment.  So I make sure that it is
-in the normal position, and to prove this, I play back a recording which
-was not made from streaming.  And this test recording plays at a normal
-So in order to investigate further, I change to other recorders
-including Studio Recorder and Gold Wave, all of which exhibit the
-problem when I attempt to record a stream. There was a recent thread
-regarding something called Wave Max.  Unfortunately, I paid no attention
-to this thread but in retrospect wonder if Wave Max might be an issue.
-I am hoping that someone on list has encountered this issue and has
-found a solution.  If so, what is the solution?
-     Don Roberts

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