Re: Increasing the Speed of a WAV File

Colin Howard


GoldWave's time warp facility will achieve this. Go to menu and effects, to
time warp, go to first preset which is similarity, tab across to specify
change in length or percent, mine is by default set to percent, decide
which you need, tab again and you will see an appropriate value, amend as
desired, tab round to ok, enter, job complete. Suggest try on a small
sample first, if happy, undo and apply to required total of audio.

Be aware, as this is quite a complex algorythm, it may take a fairly long
time and also be aware make several small changes rather than one large
change. Make sure your undo scheme can cope with a largish numbers of
ctrl-z, I have mine set to 15, on my system, the maximum allowed seems to be
20, not sure if this is a GoldWave or system limit. It can be found under
options then go down to file storage, on my system is labelled undo lefels.

I am still using GW V5.70, on both WXP laptop and W7 desktop.

On Wed, 3 Jun 2020 20:05:36 +0100, "Darran Ross via"
<> wrote:

-Hi list.
-I've got a folder of wav files that I'd like to increase the speed of
without effecting the pitch.
-Can anyone recommend a program to do same?
-Thanks to anyone who can help.

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