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My recommendation is to use goldwave. Tha tprogram will do everything you are trying to do but much more easily

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You are working with 2 lossy formats. You should convert to wav or another lossless format make your cuts etc then convert to mp3. Because you might not know it but this is what switch would have been doing in the background I am guessing that something wasn’t carried across to the mp3 file. This will cut down on the number of downward conversions. Which is important because each conversion further detail is lost, hence their name lossy formats.


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Hello list: Am attempting to convert an MP4 file to MP3; here's what
happening: I am using the program Switch to convert this MP4 file to
an MP3 file, so I then can running it through MP3 Direct Cut to trim
some parts off! However, while I have managed to convert to MP3, then
I find I have no least, the file isn't playing in Winamp; nor
will it play in MP3 Direct Cut! What is it I am missing? An doing
this for a friend who needs this, so am hoping I can get a solution to this one!


Tom Kaufman


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