Re: Major problems when attempting to record a stream

Donald Roberts

Studio Recorder works well with any screen reader.  I usually use Window-Eyes, but Jaws also works very well with it.

Don Roberts

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is studio recorder jaws user friendly?
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Thank you so much, Georgina, for your prompt response. What you suggest makes sense. But suggest places to check. For example, I know how to check sample rates in the various recording programs such as Total Recorder, GoldWave, and Studio Recorder; but where would I check sample rate settings in the sound card? When I look at those settings, all I see are volume, balance, and whether or not to listen while recording.


Don Roberts

On 6/2/2020 8:23 AM, Georgina Joyce wrote:

It sounds like you are mixing sample rates. Check that every listing matches. whether it be 44,100 or whatever, the hardware can handle.

On 2 Jun 2020, at 04:01, Donald Roberts <> wrote:

I have two PCs, each of which is running Windows 10 version 1909.  The HP has the problem, the Dell does not.  I usually use Window-eyes 9.5.4,  but use Jaws 18 when W E encounters an issue, though I am confident this is not relevant to my current issue.

There are times when I wish to record a stream from the internet. So I fire up Total Recorder and set the source selection to stereo mix, having first gone into the sound card settings to make sure that stereo mix is selected.  But when I attempt to record, the sound is recorded but plays back at an extremely accelerated rate of speed.  Yes, I know that Total Recorder has a speed adjustment.  So I make sure that it is in the normal position, and to prove this, I play back a recording which was not made from streaming.  And this test recording plays at a normal speed.

So in order to investigate further, I change to other recorders including Studio Recorder and Gold Wave, all of which exhibit the problem when I attempt to record a stream. There was a recent thread regarding something called Wave Max.  Unfortunately, I paid no attention to this thread but in retrospect wonder if Wave Max might be an issue.

I am hoping that someone on list has encountered this issue and has found a solution.  If so, what is the solution?

     Don Roberts


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