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Well they talk about headphones in the video, why don’t you watch it. Free earphones that come with the phone are not liked.

But what for? Best for music or evaluations of voice and music? This thread is about assessing microphones. So you would want a good flat pair. Where as if you want them to listen to music dependent upon what kind of music you would want to use them for. You would want some headphones that are engineered for that purpose.

Like mics, you can spend all kinds of silly money. Podcastage did mention the good old Sony 7506.

Ask yourself:

How much do I want to spend?
What do I want to use them for?
What are my comfort requirements?

Good luck.

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don't no if this on the list
what is the best headphones and mic to get for an i fone 8?
from stew
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Hello All,

Having just watched a booth Junky video where he points out that a phone microphone is probably good enough and money should be spent on deadening audio reflections rather than a mic. In respect of voice recording. He refers to another video about reviewing mics by Curtis Jud and Bandrew Scott from Podcastage. You might agree with me a well worth listen.

All the best


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Call: M0EBP
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