Re: Program to play and extract audio and video

Georgina Joyce

Hello John,

I understood that Reaper can do some work with video but viewing this video it is limited.

But as far as quality maintenance is concerned you are unlikely to do it. Because the way in which audio files are assembled. They have to be encoded to an editable format typically .wav which you can chop and cage as you wish. Then it has to be re-encoded.
Each of these processes loose quality. A compressed file is with parts of the audio removed to make the file smaller. No editing is going to be able to put back that was taken away by the producer.


On 25 May 2020, at 20:15, JOHN RIEHL via <> wrote:

Hi. I want to play downloaded recordings of audio and video and extract and
save portions of the files, preserving both the sound and the picture.

What's the best tool/tools to do this?

Thanks. John


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