Re: Zoom marker function in firmware 2.30

Hamit Campos

Ah you found it Gena. So I was right then you have to set them then. Where was it? I'll see if Abby can help me turn them on. Now you said something about it's all over your recordings. Does it come over the speaker as well then? Because again compairing with the F recorders on those you get it in the headphone jack. Only over the headphones as I've been lead to understand.

On 5/21/2020 3:37 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello All,

I can confirm that beeps do sound on record and stop with the 2.30 firmware installed, while wearing headphones.

After installing the firmware as Hamit suggested it is in the Recording menu. The bottom of the list is Sound markers. When you enter that menu there are strange options which didn’t make any sense to me initially. Then I found in the mode menu option there are 3 options. Off which is the default. Then Record and the bottom option Recorde and stop. They are quite long loud beeps by default. But the menu has configurable options.

But is it useful to us? The stop only works when stopping a recording not playback. As its function is to synchronise filming. The recording starts with the loud bleep. So all recordings will need editing. So you can make up your mind if it is of value to you.



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