Re: A Zoom question.

Colin Howard


I asked the original sender if the cam needs power, it seems it can be
powered even from an USB hub like mine.

I've sent the info via my P.A to her son who has an Amazon account, hope he
is able to order it for me to be delivered at my home address, hope, then,
it is a simple process of plugging in, finding the device in my Windows 7
sounds and audio devices and enabling same.

However, before attempting this, hope to avail myself of a pair of eyes to
peruse the documentation rather than go ploughing in feet first and possibly
damaging my system!

On a personla note, you did not come back to me about Paul David's online
problems whereas both Terry and Kevin did. It seems he's now sorted, had an
engineer out yesterday evening to replace his faulty power unit.

On Wed, 20 May 2020 20:21:09 +0100, "Joe Paton" <joe@...>

-looks good colin.
-Availability is the problem these days, but I'm interested myself.
-take care, thanks for the information.

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