Re: Hamid can you please contact me

Georgina Joyce

Hello Andy,

I am waiting for my third party remote so don’t know for sure but my understanding is that the remote just has important buttons like stop play record. This enables the user to stop and start a recording without handling noise. Just like a television remote. I don’t think it would help in any way to edit recordings.

The Zoom ones are not cheap.

On 20 May 2020, at 11:26, Andy via <> wrote:

Hi again Hamid.

I've been trying to tidy and clean up my study.

I've found a brand new Zoom H6 remote control, still in it's box.

There does not appear to be any paperwork in the box but perhaps the buttons are self explanitory.

I've never had any reasons to use it as I usually edit my recordings through Goldwave, so can trim off any unwanted table or handling noice at the beginning and end of a session.

If you give me an address to send it to , including post code/zip then I can ship it off to you.

I think when I purchased my H6, I included the Accessory Pack. I'll never use it.

Andy Logue.


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