Re: A Zoom question.

Colin Howard



I'll look it up but am aware of possible delays.

Meantime, I received the following email which would seem to answer most, if
not all my needs. A friend has an amazon account I don't, will ask them to
purchase for me. I've written back to the original sender to ask if the
system needs power or can obtain enough if plugged into an USB un-powered

Email follows:

Possible WebCam for Zoom.

From: Mike <>
Date: Mon, 18 May 2020 13:49:10 +0100

Hi Colin

I recently bought this camera from Amazon for about £50 (link below).

Very easy to use, USB connection, no set up or drivers required, it just
works when plugged in, on a Windows 10 machine anyway.

It includes an integrated microphone and no switches required. Zoom uses
Alt + A to switch mike on or off and Alt + V to switch video on or off.

The camera is designed to hook over a monitor but will stand on a flat
surface with tilt and also has a standard threaded hole in the base to
accept a camera tripod or similar.

I'm sure there are cheaper but this one is good quality and provides HD

Hope that helps, good luck

Kind Regards,

On Mon, 18 May 2020 14:50:05 +0100, "Joe Paton" <>

-I think it was called the life-cam, from Microsoft.
-You will be verry lucky to buy anything in U K outlets at present.
-A big shortage due to the accelleration of online meetings and so on.
-requiring camera and mic kits.
-So much so, that a company we work with, have bought there employees
-laptops, and are using the in-built web cams and microphones because
-they can not locate any camera's or microphones for remote working.
-But when available, The Microsoft Life-cam, retailed for about 28 uk
-pounds, and really easy to set up, clips to the top edge of your monitor.
-Plug and play, beeing microsoft, drivers already on most windows 7, 8
-and windows 10 systems.
-Good luck.
-A reasonable microphone for the job you want it to do.

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