Re: Olympus DM-720 impressions?

Howard Traxler

Tom, have you ever had or had reason to know about the 520?  I'm wondering how much like the 520 is the 720?  I.E., the input jack is shared between mic and line and is located at the business end between the microphones; the audio output jack is 3.5MM and located on the side; the remote control jack is 2.5MM and also on the side; the USB port is also the charging connector and is on the end away from the mics; the power and key lock is a slider on the side near the record, stop and play buttons.  This describes the 520.

On 5/18/2020 12:05 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello David: I have the Olympus DM-720; it pretty much does what I needed to do; records in at least two formats MP3 and WAB (think it'll do others as well) has been a little while since I have used it! But as I said, it'll do what I need it to do!
Tom Kaufman

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Does anyone have the Olympus DM-720 recorder? If so what are your
impressions of it? What do you like and do not like?


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