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Hello All,

You will note that Curtis favoured the Sound Devices MixPre-3 II over the Zoom F6. On build and the remote for the F6 is very expensive. The Sound Devices machine doesn’t have a dedicated one but several cheaper third party ones are available. Curtis found the F6 too small and the plastic knobs wobble and as he pointed out if they are mounted on a circuit board then it is a weak design. I have written to Sound Devices to see if their IOS and Android apps are accessible to screen readers.


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Hi guys.

I wouldn't mind Johnaphins demo. I hear that the Mossion Explosion has done some very interesting podcasts.

Is there a subscrib link perhaps or a e-mail address available.

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Hi Frank. Ha that’s interesting. As over dubbing isn’t a thing I do I missed that. Strange as Zooms are musician based mostly. Did Curtis giv any reason why? I’ll have to listen to his review again. But bro me wants an F6. I know I’ll want it more after Neal demos his Rode NT1-A on it.
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After listening to the review of the F6 on mosen at large I was all ready to
sell my H6 and replace it. However after listening to the Curtis Judd
review on you tube I am having secondthoughts. Curtis claims that its not
a good primary deck for musicians because it will not permit you to overlay
tracks. I hope that I am misunderstanding something here. Why would anyone
build a multitrack recorder that would not let you do sound on sound.


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