A Zoom question.

Colin Howard


Please can anybody advise what kind of webcam I can purchase. Currently
using Windows7 on a desktop, I want it to be purely plug-in-and-use, with no
additional setup, in colour, presumably with a mike, the WebCam, capable of
simply standing on a desk or table useable from a un-powered USB hub.

Presently, I only have an USB mike but would like to show video of my self
when attending meetings.

I assume when, in the Zoom I am advised video is off, some kind of switch on
the cam ought to put it on, same with mike which when I join I am advised
audio is muted. This, I unmute using alt with a as instructed by the Zoom

I have no sight and no readily accessible sighted assistance, therefore, the
WebCam for which I am looking must be totally accessible for me.

Where can I obtain such a basic WebCam please?


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