Re: Seemingly Not Able To Rip CDs With Portable CD/DVD Drive


Open up CDex.
Press F4 for settings.
Arrow to CD Drive Settings and tab through to select the actual drive you
Tab to OK.

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Hello list: Don't know as I can provide enough information here, but will
try: recently, the CD-DVD drive on my Dell desk top died on me! So I called
my computer guy, who in turn came and took a look; he said, sure enough,
that the CD-DVD Burner drive had died, but that he could get me a new one in
a few days! Unfortunately, the Coronavirus screwed everything up (still
have not heard from the computer guy) in the meantime, I was told that
Amazon had USB CD-DVD drives that would do the same thing! So with the help
of a good friend of mine, I found one on Amazon (is a Dell, but don't
remember the model number) is supposed to be able to play CDs, burn CDs and
rip.the whole thing! I got the new CD-DVD drive a couple of days ago; this
afternoon, a friend of mine who helps take care of my yard came by to cut
the grass; he had this CD that he wanted me to listen to! So I decided I'd
put this new drive through its paces and see what it'd do; I put the CD into
the drive and.Winamp did come up and the CD started to play! So here's
where the "fun" begins: I decided I'd rip it to my computer! I brought up
Cdex, expecting to see the tracks to be ripped and.nothing! Zero! What am
I supposed to do to make Cdex understand that I want to rip this CD? Am I
forgetting something? As best as I remember, when I used to rip CDs with
the original drive that was in the computer, I could just pop that bad boy
in there, bring up Cdex and it was ready to rock and roll; not so with this
new CD-DVD drive! Did I buy the wrong thing? I was surely thinking that
this little USB Drive would do what I needed; it said that it would burn and
rip! So what am I missing here? If someone can give me instruction here,
I'd sure appreciate it!

Tom Kaufman

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