Re: Seemingly Not Able To Rip CDs With Portable CD/DVD Drive

Hamit Campos

Do you have another CD you've tried before Thom? I'd tri that first. Just because that seems strange that the CD won't show like it's supposed to. Maybe it's 1 of those lame as in stupid anti coppy tricks. But let us know if a trusted CD does the same.

On 5/16/2020 5:42 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello list: Don't know as I can provide enough information here, but will
try: recently, the CD-DVD drive on my Dell desk top died on me! So I called
my computer guy, who in turn came and took a look; he said, sure enough,
that the CD-DVD Burner drive had died, but that he could get me a new one in
a few days! Unfortunately, the Coronavirus screwed everything up (still
have not heard from the computer guy) in the meantime, I was told that
Amazon had USB CD-DVD drives that would do the same thing! So with the help
of a good friend of mine, I found one on Amazon (is a Dell, but don't
remember the model number) is supposed to be able to play CDs, burn CDs and
rip.the whole thing! I got the new CD-DVD drive a couple of days ago; this
afternoon, a friend of mine who helps take care of my yard came by to cut
the grass; he had this CD that he wanted me to listen to! So I decided I'd
put this new drive through its paces and see what it'd do; I put the CD into
the drive and.Winamp did come up and the CD started to play! So here's
where the "fun" begins: I decided I'd rip it to my computer! I brought up
Cdex, expecting to see the tracks to be ripped and.nothing! Zero! What am
I supposed to do to make Cdex understand that I want to rip this CD? Am I
forgetting something? As best as I remember, when I used to rip CDs with
the original drive that was in the computer, I could just pop that bad boy
in there, bring up Cdex and it was ready to rock and roll; not so with this
new CD-DVD drive! Did I buy the wrong thing? I was surely thinking that
this little USB Drive would do what I needed; it said that it would burn and
rip! So what am I missing here? If someone can give me instruction here,
I'd sure appreciate it!

Tom Kaufman

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