Re: olympus recorders

Hamit Campos

The popular 1 is the LS-P4. As i said to someone else or maybe you it's a little mini me recorder. It takes 1 triple a battery. For that person's need it seemed okay. Because it is a dictation recorder which I guess is what the person needed as they had a DS-50 before. Just note it has a mini me little sound to it. Saddly Olympus got rid of their truely epic LS-100 recorder. It was like a talking Zoom H4N Pro. Also the phantum power had switches so you didn't have to dive threw menus to power condensers for ORTF or what ever 1 wanted to do. But ORTF would be what I'd mostly do.

On 5/16/2020 12:38 PM, David Mehler wrote:

I am still in the market for a new recorder. I did look at zooms but
I'm needing menu accessibility with my recorder, I'm not really
needing an app or anything like that I am just looking for a
standalone recorder.

What are opinions on current Olympus recorders?


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