Re: Overall accessibility of Zoom H6

Georgina Joyce

Hello Mike,

Andrew sent me a sendspace link to a copy of a Blind Cool Tech podcast. Find that and you will have a comprehensive review. In short, no it doesn’t have any accessibility features. Now Zoom have released the F6 which has a IOS app and we have more access than ever to a professional recorder. This is featured on Mosen at Large 35.

If you want a professional recorder and have approximately £250 for the H6 or £550 for the F6 you won’t be disappointed. But do your own research.


On 16 May 2020, at 13:24, Mike Busboom <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have been noticing a lot of discussion about the Zoom H6, so I know that it can be used by blind people. Does anyone know of a podcast which specifically discusses the level of accessibility of this unit. Does the unit have voice guidance such as many Olympus recorders, or is there a different approach to use from a blindness perspective?

With thanks in advance,



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