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Georgina Joyce


Providing we are talking about XLR connected mics and have access to fantom power. Don’t forget the fethead an alternative to the cloud lifter. They also do one for condenser mics.


On 15 May 2020, at 19:38, frank cuta <> wrote:

There are several ways to reduce noise. You can start with the NT1A, you
can switch from the H6 to the F8N which has a lot more noise free gain or
you can stick with a mic of your choice and the H6 and buy a cloud lifter.


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Ah good. It's a great podcast. What I love most is that it's the 1 pod
cast where he uses the NT1-A the most.

On 5/14/2020 10:36 AM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Andy,

Really appreciated. I have got it and now put it on my Trek.

Thank you.
On 14 May 2020, at 14:31, Andy via
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Hi Georgena, Hamit and list.

Gena asked for Neals Review. Are we talking about BSM binaural
microphones or the H6.

If the latter, you can get it at here:


I've a number of Neals podcasts from BCT but not them all.

Hamit you said that Dane had them.

You could not provide me with his e-mail address so I can ask for some or
all of them if possible.

I discovered years ago that Neal rarelly replies to messages. Perhaps
I'll try again.

Rick Harmon held the BCT Archieve at on time. Perhaps I'll drop the big
guy a wee message and see if he has retained any of them.

Very best wishes.


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you do it?

Ah Neal Ewers. Yes he is a studio person from Madison Wisconsin. He use
to do reviews on Blind cool tech. His site is I don't
know what happened to his reviews page and his H6 review is pretty big. On

On 5/14/2020 7:50 AM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Andy and Hamit,

Who is this Neil, can you point to his review?

All electronic devices make a noise but most of them are out of our
hearing range. An amplifier does make a noise especially when it is cranked
up to it's maximum. The Zoom 6 pre-amps are known for being noisy. So can
you quote Neil saying that the Zoom 6 preamps are not noisy?

Andy you can hear the pre-amp hiss on your bird recording. There are 2
ways you could eliminate or at least reduce that hiss if you wanted. That I
know of.


On 14 May 2020, at 10:08, Andy via
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Hi Guys.

You may remember within his H6 Review, Neal stated "I would not know
just how to measure the Floor noise , because there doesent seem to be one!


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would you do it?

Ah yeah than 35 must be the 1 Neal sent. He sent it to the Reaper
list. I've yet to finish that 1.

On 5/13/2020 12:17 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Hamit,

No 36 is out.

On 13 May 2020, at 17:04, Hamit Campos <>

Is 35 the newest 1? IF so no I've meant to just haven't gotten to
it. Will do soon though. Thanks for the reminder.

On 5/13/2020 11:13 AM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Hamit,

Out of interest do you listen to Mosen at large (specifically 35)?
He is singing from the roof about the F6 as it has an iPhone app which is
not perfect but gives access to functions we have never had access to


On 13 May 2020, at 16:07, Hamit Campos <>

Actually Gena there's 1 place where I'll give it to ya. Dynamic
mics. This is also true for the H5 but much much less oddly enough. Same for
the H4N Pro. The H6 in this respect is again as noisy as the Olympus LS-100.
Now can't say on the F6 as no one's demoed dynamics on that yet and Neal
hasn't demoed dynamics on his 744-T so can't say nothing on that either.

On 5/13/2020 11:02 AM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Aidan,

Well I am picky, there is nothing wrong in getting the best out
of the equipment. The Zoom 6 pre-amps are renowned for their hiss. It would
be useful to share your tips to get the most from the recorder.


On 13 May 2020, at 13:52, Aidan <>

If using something like h6 I cannot really imagine that you
would need
to apply noise filters. Unless you very picky.

On 5/13/20, Georgina Joyce <> wrote:
Hello Tim,

Interesting, if using a non destructive DAW like reaper, if it
incorrectly applied simply undo it. I am not familiar with
using expanders.
But the noise comes from whatever equipment. Very few mics
have a
undetectable noise floor and even the best pre-amps have some
noise. So a
light touch of post processing is likely to be required. But
as you rightly
point out it is down to the environment and what purpose the
recording is to


On 13 May 2020, at 12:23, tim cumings <>

I agree about most of theadvice here. However i would be
careful about
using a noise gate. If set incorrectly, a noise gate can make
things sound
worse than better. A downward expander would be better, but
if you are
using a quality mic and have recording levels set properly,
even a
downward expander probably isn't necessary, depending on what
you are

On 5/12/2020 5:30 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello All,

Rather than making the current discussion on Zoom
Microphones. very long
I thought I would ask the community of their experiences
and how they
undertake a recording? As I was not sure if Andy wanted tips
on recording
techniques I thought such a thread would help him and those
of us who
have a Zoom.

Firstly, I would record in wav. Then use reaper to apply a
noise gate.
This removes hiss and other quiet unwanted noises.

I would not use a capsule on the recorder unless it was the
only mic
available for that application. Using such a mic I would
secure the
recorder and start the recording early so that I could
discard the first
second as it will contain handling noise.

I would not wear noisy clothing or jewellery and try to get
away from the
active recording space. It is surprising how clothing,
shoes and bangles
rustle and jangle when you are trying to be quiet.

Then it is about choosing the mic for the sound stage I am
trying to
capture. Remembering that the wider stage means that I have
to be that
much quieter. It could pick me up breathing and moving my

Then there are practical considerations such as power for
the Zoom and
protection from wind and rain.

Of the top of my head these are the considerations I would
employ before
a recording. So what about your experiences and approach?



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