Re: Recording from recorders like Zoom - How would you do it?

Hamit Campos

Hi Gena. The KM 140s were condencers from Newman. I say were because it looks like they are gone. They were $15 thousand each 1. So what neal did with them is put them on a stereo bar that is set up for the ORTF technique. ORTF is a stereo setup made up by the french radio TV office. The idea is to setup the mics in a way that according to the people that did the research I guess resembles to a cirtain extent how your ear drums are set up in your head. Or in this case a small head. The mics are set 6 intches apart of each other and the capsels are at 110 degrees. So to explain it like neal the left capsel is 55 degrees of the right and the right 55 of the left. So 110 over all. Now I've heard of people doing this at 180 degrees. But don't know if that meant litterally 180 of each other or the left being 90 degrees of the opposing 1. What ever way that meant I'd do the 180 degrees ORTF. Shame Neal didn't show ORTF on the H6 review. You'd need his LS-100 review or to hear a lake in ORTF you'd need his old mic placement podcast he did for Blind Cool Tech.

On 5/14/2020 5:38 PM, Georgina Joyce wrote:
Hello Hamit,

You’ll have to explain 2 KM140s in ORTF.


On 14 May 2020, at 22:27, Hamit Campos <> wrote:

2 KM140s in ORTF

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