Recording from recorders like Zoom - How would you do it?

Georgina Joyce

Hello All,

Rather than making the current discussion on Zoom Microphones. very long I thought I would ask the community of their experiences and how they undertake a recording? As I was not sure if Andy wanted tips on recording techniques I thought such a thread would help him and those of us who have a Zoom.

Firstly, I would record in wav. Then use reaper to apply a noise gate. This removes hiss and other quiet unwanted noises.

I would not use a capsule on the recorder unless it was the only mic available for that application. Using such a mic I would secure the recorder and start the recording early so that I could discard the first second as it will contain handling noise.

I would not wear noisy clothing or jewellery and try to get away from the active recording space. It is surprising how clothing, shoes and bangles rustle and jangle when you are trying to be quiet.

Then it is about choosing the mic for the sound stage I am trying to capture. Remembering that the wider stage means that I have to be that much quieter. It could pick me up breathing and moving my feet.

Then there are practical considerations such as power for the Zoom and protection from wind and rain.

Of the top of my head these are the considerations I would employ before a recording. So what about your experiences and approach?



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