Re: recommendations for a mic for iPhone 8 ?

tim cumings

I would recommend the mxl mm-130. It is a handheld microphone which connects directly to your iphone and has both cardioid

and omni polar patterns.

On 5/12/2020 11:49 AM, Tony Sweeney wrote:
    Hi folk,

New to here from Ireland.

Forgive if this question was asked before.

I'm looking for a reasonably-priced mic (about 100 euro (dollar) for my iPhone 8 for one-to-one chats and possibly in time podcasts.

The recordings hopefully  will in time be going out on Facebook so I'm not sure if  a stereo or mono is what I need but open to suggestions as to type and make.

Thanks in advance,


Tony Sweeney

On 12/05/2020 16:35, Anders Holmberg wrote:
Yeah i got a mic for my Iphone which is really cute and great.
I think you have to use the app that’s specially made for the mic but thats accessible so that’s not a big issue.

11 maj 2020 kl. 23:43 skrev Georgina Joyce <gena@...>:


Use a smart phone with a better mic.

On 11 May 2020, at 21:47, David Mehler <dave.mehler@...> wrote:


Mainly I'm looking for podcast creation/lecture recordings. I'm very
out of touch with newer recorders so I don't know features to ask for
or which I really wouldn't need, what features are on modern


On 5/11/20, Hamit Campos <hamitcampos@... <mailto:hamitcampos@...>> wrote:
What would you like your new recorder to have or do? I don't know what
replaces the DS 50.

On 5/11/2020 11:24 AM, David Mehler wrote:

My Olympus DS50 has given up the ghost. I am now in the market for a
new recorder and would appreciate recommendations.



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