Re: Screen-readers and Cleanfeed?

JM Casey

Thanks Joe. Two of the four of us in the group (me and the chairman/leader) just tested it and although If ind it a bit uncanny that it works really well. Everything is displayed in a nice text log on the main screen, too. Very nice, and indeed, clean interface, but I still don't really understand how to change settings or if I'm seeing everything on screen. As I'm not leading the group though and won't be initiating the connections yet, I think that's probably ok. Using Chrome, indeed, and audio quality is fantastic. Thanks!
If anyone has any other thoughts, shoot 'em in here.

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I recall that the opus encoding is used, which is nice quality. DFon't have the technical specs though.
You'll need to use google chrome, as at this time there is no extention for alternate browsers.
Great audio quality.

good luck.

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