Re: What Did They Do To Tapin Radio?

Milton Ota <mota1252@...>


I was having trouble a log time ago and dumped Tap-In-Radio. My problem was that the program would not update everytime a new version came out. So as a result I got rid of the program. I even payed for the registration of the program.

I must say it was a good program while it lasted.

Original message:

Hello List: Do any of you on here still use Tapin Radio; and if so, what in
the world did they do to it! Seems like (as of the last couple of updates)
it has become very quirky! I just now scheduled something as a test; it
never came up! Also, I see that they've screwed up how the volume control
behaves; I find that if I am trying to adjust the volume while recording, if
I'm not careful, it'll throw out my recording! What's up with all of that?
Does anyone know what's going on?
Tom Kaufman

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