Re: Jfw, scripts, Goldwave6, and loud noise in audio

David Mehler


With regards goldwave6, jfw 2020, and the scripts, has anyone noticed
that pressing a key such as left bracket or pause doesn't give
feedback such as where the start marker is, or the status of the


On 4/30/20, David Mehler via <dave.mehler@...> wrote:

It is kind of a personal nature.

What I can do is provide a sample of the noise that resides in the
file. I've tried everything I can to filter it out, drop the volume,
tried some band pass/stop, low and high pass, but i'm either not doing
it right, not the right settings, but I have reduced it, but in doing
so the underlying audio the stuff I'm trying to hear gets really tinny
sounding. Part of it is I did not make this and I think the person who
did it did not do well with it, they encoded at 22050KHZ I think but
it's slow, so that the full file is over 27 hours long, changing the
rate to 44100 makes it intelligible and drops the file length to just
over 13 hours.

Here's the link to the interference pattern I'm trying to eliminate.
Again I can use Goldwave, reaper, or audacity, if anyone has
suggestions i'm open to them.


On 4/30/20, Darran Ross via
<darran.ross@...> wrote:
Dave, if its nothing of a personal nature, you may want to share a sample
and some folks on the list might have a play as well?

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