Jfw, scripts, Goldwave6, and loud noise in audio

David Mehler


I'm using Goldwave6 with Jfw 2020 and it's scripts for same. I've got
a piece of audio that has a rather loud noise in it. I've captured a
sample of this noise not sure I got just the noise as it's very
audio-overwhelming and i'd like to filter it out. Right now I'm trying
to open the audio, then I'm going to save it as a flac file so I don't
damaage the mp3 file by repeatedly working on it, I get a lossless
file in the flac. I'm going to try to listen to just the left channel
and just the right channel, see if one is clear and/or if one has the
audio completely. This audio is just speech so any suggestions as to
how I can filter appreciated.

Note, I am not opposed to using other tools, I've got the latest
audacity on this machine as well as have got the free-for-time thanks
to kovid19, reaper. I've also got NVDA as a second screen reader.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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