Re: Looking For Recommendations For USB CD-DVD Burner Drive

Hamit Campos

Yep. I'd also suggest New Egg but I don't know if they're up and running. I saw an awesome BD writer that can write and read 4K BDs but that was a while ago. A Pionear I think it was.

On 4/21/2020 6:57 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Thanks Hamit; I don't know if Amazon carries the one you mentioned, but I'll look around and see what they have to offer!
Tom Kaufman

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Well if it's an external drive the PC doesn't matter. Internal yes
because Dell makes even their towers kinda small. So Plextor would be
good. If they still make disk drives.

On 4/21/2020 2:11 PM, Tom Kaufman wrote:
Hello list: A Little over a month ago, my DVD-CD drive on my computer bit
the dust! I have one ordered as the computer guy I have sent for one! But
everything is all backed up on account of Covid 19! Meanwhile, I hear tell
that Amazon is selling USB drives at a good price; problem is that I don't
know what would be a good brand to go with; rather, a good one to stay away
from! I've not been on Amazon yet to check it out yet, but thought I'd get
some recommendations as to what are the better ones out there! Thanks for
whatever info you can provide; I have a Dell 5100 computer if this makes any
difference! Since this would be a USB CD-DVD drive that I'm looking for,
maybe that doesn't matter!


Tom Kaufman

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