Re: Microphone suggestion?

Brian Olesen

The really good thing about this mic is the super cool settings in the accompanying app. All kinds of nice eqs and other sound optimization settings.
Infact you can try the Motif app without even having the microphone.


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Fra: <> På vegne af Anders Holmberg
Sendt: 15. april 2020 11:10
Emne: Re: [all-audio] Microphone suggestion?

Ok, that’s the one i was thinking of.
I am not really fond of recording with a pair of bluetooth mics that might loose the connecthin in the middle of the recording.
Also bluetooth is wireles and compressed which isn’t something i like.
But maybe they are recording with lossless streaming so i wont say i buy them in the future.

15 apr. 2020 kl. 10:16 skrev Brian Olesen <>:

There are many out there, but I'm pretty funned with the MV-88 from Shure.

Best regards

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Fra: <> På vegne af Anders
Sendt: 14. april 2020 20:17
Emne: [all-audio] Microphone suggestion?

I would like to record environmental recordings with my Iphone but i
would like to record instereo.
Any good tips on a good but not expensive, like $100 or 200 is what i
may be able to afford.
Thanks in advance.

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