Re: Microphone suggestion?

Anders Holmberg

Ok, that’s the one i was thinking of.
I am not really fond of recording with a pair of bluetooth mics that might loose the connecthin in the middle of the recording.
Also bluetooth is wireles and compressed which isn’t something i like.
But maybe they are recording with lossless streaming so i wont say i buy them in the future.

15 apr. 2020 kl. 10:16 skrev Brian Olesen <>:

There are many out there, but I'm pretty funned with the MV-88 from Shure.

Best regards

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Sendt: 14. april 2020 20:17
Emne: [all-audio] Microphone suggestion?

I would like to record environmental recordings with my Iphone but i would
like to record instereo.
Any good tips on a good but not expensive, like $100 or 200 is what i may be
able to afford.
Thanks in advance.

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