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I like winamp to control volume. It shouldn't be that low. Can you control it at all with the up and dowon arrow keys? There are things you can do. Winamp has a pretty good pre-amp. You can control it with the equalizer turned on. Use the grave accent (`) key to increase the preamp gain, and the tab key to reduce it. This might help increase the volume of your tracks. You could also try a plugin like mp3-gain, although I don't use it myself, so I don't really know how effective it is. I suspect if you uncheck that box you are talking about, you won't be able to control volume at all in winamp. If that's your preference though, go ahead and do it.

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Hi list, thanks for the reply about VLC; when using Winamp, I've found that the volume gets lowered quite a bit when I play any file using it; I have volume for the speakers set at 100 percent; I see under Speakers Properties something about Exclusive Mode under the Levels tab I think; there's a checkbox that when checked allows applications to control the volume of the speakers; is it better to leave it checked or to uncheck it? If I uncheck it could that clear up the problem of Winamp lowering the volume? Please let me know if Exclusive Mode is something to leave alone or uncheck it; thanks.


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