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Tom Kaufman

Joe and list: I apparently just don't know what I am doing here, for am trying to follow your instructions but, the more I delve into this thing, I become more confused as it is presenting me with things that I don't know what it's trying to tell me! I can get as far as pasteing the items into that list view, but that's as far as I get! Hope much needed! Was really hoping I could get this done today! But looks like it's not going to happen unless I'm fortunate enough to get this all explain in terms that I understand! Thanks to all for your indulgence!
Tom Kaufman

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a couple of pointers below.
Hope this gets you started.

ttom, when the program starts, there are 13 options displayed.
tab to the one you want, let's say urn files and folders, and press space-bar.
The destination cd drive window opens, if you have more than one cd drive, it will be displayed in this combo box.
cursorto the drive you want to use and press enter.
Now tab through the buttons, you will arrive at a list view dialogue, then a list view without the title dialogue. This is the one where you will drop the files you want to write to disk.

Now go to your files using windows explorer.

Highlight the files you want to burn, remembering the disk capacity and the total value of the data to be written.
If you have an 80 minute cd, then 800 Mb is your maximum data size to be written.

When files are highlighted, copy to the clipboard.

Now alt-tab back to the list view in anyburn.
Paste from the clipboard.
Tab to thhe first button outside the list view, press alt-n for the next button, and follow the prompts in the burning property sheet.

The more settings button opens up to allow the change of coppies, and a couple of other items you may like to adjust.

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