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Ah. Sorry the experience has been so irritating. I've never signed up to the forums, myself; I just know all the experts hang out there and someone there might have a suggestion for you. I've never had any such problems with VLC but, I only use it for playing videos. I stick to Winamp for my music needs and imo it does the job really well, including the seeking back and forth that you mentioned earlier. I also think foobar is excellent, but it requires a bit of patience to set up as you have to define your own hotkeys. You could try one of those programs, if you like. Winamp, as you probably know, is no longer being developed, but it's still available of course, and the last version (5.666 or something?) is recommended for Windows 10 users. There's a new foobar version occasionally. I personally don't find development to be a big deal with audio players; there aren't many new audio formats under the sun and I'm not that fussed about streaming (I could use VLC for this though).

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Hi , thanks for the tip about going on the VLC Forum; when I tried registering, I ran into some stupid captcha that I couldn't figure out; there's no audio alternative; and being that forum's not on our shores I won't pursue it further; they'll know nothing about the ADA's guidelines or the W3 Consortium which is supposed to police accessibility; so I'll just say this: VLC can shove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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