Re: Query about recording audio cassettes to mp3 via the pc

Curtis Delzer

I bet your speakers are just amplifying the sound from the cassette directly. Try plugging your cassette deck into the microphone / aux plug on your PC and hopefully a circuit in there will determine which to use e.g. you don't want microphone amplification on the high level of the cassette audio, or, you can look into your properties of the audio mixer of the laptop and see if you can switch to "high level" input or auxiliary type input, and there you can probably "monitor" the input with the speakers, via an adjustment inside one of the pages of the recording input of that item. Inexpensive sound cards with solutions to this kind of issue are readily available, as well as such as

virtual audio cable which can direct any sound source into as much as you could possibly need, all behind the scenes.

I use that all the time for many things. :)

Hopefully your laptop has a facility which will suit your needs.

and, I believe you are a bright girl, why not?

Curtis Delzer
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On 2/4/2020 6:22 AM, Robin Frost wrote:

Firstly I'd like to apologize in advance if my question isn't the most clearly stated.  I used to be a smart girl but now suddenly I don't feel so anymore so when answering just assume I know nothing (laughs).

It used to be that my desktop had a real dedicated sound card with tons of jacks from which to choose.  However, sadly my newer HP Elite Work Station desktop is only fitted with the two jacks on front one for headset and one for microphone line in or so it'd seem. Firstly the sound from these seems to me to be worse than horrific.  For speakers I'm using the Bose Companion 5's I think they were called which are lo longer produced.  These speakers have a microphone line-in jack on their volume control and if I run a patch cord from say a cassette deck to it I can hear the output but no recording program seems to pick it up through stereo mix.

Phew now with all that out of the way I'm wondering if any of you really smart and capable people have any thoughts on how one can make this work.  Is the best way forward to grab a USB sound card and install it and set it for input only? If so have you any model recommendations? And if I plug one of these things in is it gonna disturb the performance of the Bose speakers which are plugged in via USB for output?

I hope at least some of this makes sense.

Thanks again for putting up with me today I hate not feeling smart about a topic.

take good care.


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